Tired, busy, overworked? Developing a regular yoga practice is the perfect way to regain peace of mind and strength in your body.

Yoga teaches you how to find a better balance. Not only physically and mentally, but also in your life. You will see that the puzzle pieces fall into place more and more easily over time.

I help you build your Ashtanga yoga routine; a self-practice that you can always fall back on.

This is how we do it

At MysoreYOGA Bonaire you can follow real life Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga classes  with a lot of personal guidance. Whether you prefer to practice individually or in a small group, online  or via zoom.


Not sure where to start? Send me a message and we'll see what works best for you.


Deepen your Ashtanga practice or start your journey in a Caribbean paradise. Dedicated and world renown authorised Ashtanga teachers will guide you on your path.

  • 7-14 May - All inclusive retreat with Heather Serna (Authorised L2)

Ashtanga Yoga Retreats
Ashtanga intensives in paradise

Learn the foundations of the Ashtanga yoga practice; a self-practice in 5 weeks, online at your own pace. 

  • 8 clear instruction video's

  • daily motivation

  • cheatsheets and practice manual

  • online community for personal questions and connection with fellow practitioners.

  • incl. FLXBL yogamat  (EU only)


Fast Track to Self Practice
Online Ashtanga Yoga Course 

You crave ultimate freedom and financial independence. You want to  run your business stress-free and live life in abundance. Get guidance from a senior business expert.

Infinite Abundance Mentorship
1 on 1 mentoring for Celestial Entrepreneurs

Transform your life and start the day with an energising morning routine. You'll practice independently guided by your own breath and pace. 

  • 3-6x/week  30-90 minutes one on one instruction in the open practice studio 

  • flexible start and end time

  • Mon-Fri 6:00-9:00 EST

  • SAT 6:30-8:00 EST

  • unlimited practice from $6/dag

Mysore Yoga
Traditional Ashtanga Yoga