Fast Track to Self Practice

Get into your flow

Are you a busy person who always sets the bar just a little too high? Then you can use a little more balance in your lifestyle.


By practicing Ashtanga Yoga daily, or at least every other day, you can regain that balance.




In 6 weeks I will teach you a powerful yoga routine that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Traditionally, yoga is practiced independently, after properl instruction by an experienced teacher.


I teach in small groups, so you will receive extra personal guidance, hands-on or verbal adjustments and tools, so that you too go through life with a more powerful mind & body.


What do you get?

  • 6 workshop style lessons of 90 minutes via zoom or live in Bonaire

  • access to video library with practice videos

  • free practice with the community at Smiling Buddha Yogastudio Bonaire Mon-Fri 6: 30-8:00 EST worth US$225

  • motivation via private online community

  • cheatsheets and teaching materials

  • FLXBL yogamat worth US$75


Real life on Bonaire: Tuesday, September 21st  5:45 PM EST

investment: US$195 in Cash or €161 via iDeal 





Er kan nog niets worden gereserveerd. Kom later terug.

I first with Tara at a yoga festival. On that day I went to a number of different classes and teachers, but Tara was the only one, who had something special. For a while her teaching schedule did not fit my work schedule. Although the class was in Arnhem, while I lived and worked in Wageningen, I was determined to make time for the Fast Track course.

During the course, Tara introduced me to the Mysore style of Ashtanga practice, which for me brings everything that yoga is about- peace of mind, body strength, continuous learning, no judgment, no competition, pure understanding of oneself.

After just a few classes with Tara, I was sure that she was my yoga teacher. Her style, her patience, her teaching approach, her friendship and support, but most of all, her authenticity and kindness, are incredible. She gives special attention to each individual student, understands the differences and the particularities of the physical body and mental state.

I am not even sure I can describe in words the impact Tara's teaching has on me. Thanks to Tara, Mysore Ashtanga is no longer a simple practice for me, it is part of my lifestyle, and I will continue with the practice for as long as I can. Thank you, Tara, I am forever grateful!

- Mila L. (36)