Ayurvedic Massage

with 100% pure natural and organic oils

Are you ready for a moment of relaxation without having to do anything yourself? Let the stress and fatigue slide away for a while? A massage does exactly that. I massage your entire body from head to toe with more than 300 ml of heated Ayurvedic oil. This way your body gets a warm oil bath. A blessing for body and soul.

Effects of the massage:

  • Balances body and mind

  • Self-healing ability of the body is stimulated

  • Relaxes muscles and joints

  • Stress, fatigue and insomnia are combated

  • Helps remove toxins

  • Releases emotional blockages

  • Activates lymph system and circulation

"The main purpose of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of the healthy and to cure the disease of the ill"