Corona Precautions

We would like to invite you back to our yoga shala in a safe and responsible manner. We follow the precautions and protocols advised by the RIVM. The health and safety of you and your fellow yogis will always be our first priority. Below you can find the guidelines.


Book your class online

We are not accepting any walk-in yogis. You can easily book your class online or in our wix-app. There are only 6 spots available per class.

Feeling sick?

For the safety of you and your fellow yogis, we cannot accept anyone

with cough or flu symptoms or if you answer yes to any of the triage questions. Notify your teacher if you wish to follow the class online. And be mindful to others and cancel your class timely.


Avoid public transportation

Try to come to the shala by foot, bike or car.

Arriving  & leaving the shala

Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class. Vacate your mat immediately after class, to make space for the next class. Check the routing of our shala.


We greet each other with Namaste

Namaste is the universal and safest way of greeting one another, it means; “the light in me, greets the light in you’.


Sanitise your hands

Upon entering the shala, you walk straight to the sink to wash your hands with water and soap. Each mat is provided with 80% alcohol hand sanitiser should you need to sanitise during class.


Shoes off

Take your shoes off on the designated pink pouf and take them with you into the shala. You may want to bring a plastic bag for them.


Give each other space

Please do keep 1,5 meter distance from each other. A maximum of three people can be in the shala lounge area at a time; 1st at the sink, 2nd on the marked window spot and 3rd on the bench to remove shoes.


Your mat, your space

The mats on the shala floor are placed in a safe distance, please do not move them as space is limited. Place your own mat or large towel on top of the farthest available mat from the entrance.

Place all your belongings including your shoes in the chest next to your mat and avoid walking around through the space unnecessarily. The shala is small, but we have made sure that everything you may need is on or next to your mat. Spray our yoga mat with yogamat disinfectant after class, do not rub it out.

Bring your own mat & props

For hygiene reasons we advise you to bring your own mat/yogatowel/FLXBL and props. 

For Mysore Ashtanga, bring two medium sized extra towels.

For Yin, Restorative and Nidra, bring pillow cases /towels to cover our props

For savasana in all styles bring your own blanket.

Lounge Café

Our self-service café is open and horeca regulations apply. Use our paper cups or bring your own cup. Preferably drink your drinks in the garden. A maximum of three people can be in the shala lounge if you were in the last class scheduled.



Physical adjustments 

Our teachers will only guide you through the movements with verbal adjustments or demonstrations. There will not be any physical contact unless:


1. Our teacher feels you are in an unsafe position and is not able to verbally adjust you.


2. You are attending the Mysore program as this style requires physical adjustments. Your teacher will only assist physically in key asana’s and your struggle poses. 


Our teacher  will sanitise her hands after touching each student.


We respect your choice if you do not wish to receive physical adjustments, please place the card with hamsa hand in the upper right hand corner of your mat if you do not wish to be adjusted.

Hygiene & Ventilation

Our shala will be cleaned and ventilated regularly. Our Ventilation system is continuously switched on and draws in fresh air from the back end of the shala and carried outside on the front end.


Sneezing & coughing

Need to sneeze or cough? Make sure to do so in your elbow and sanitise with our alcohol gel afterwards, wash your yoga clothes when home.


Toilets & Changing rooms

We will keep our toilets and changing room closed as much as possible. Please make sure to use your own facilities at home and come to and leave the shala in your yoga-outfit.