Infinite Abundance Mentorship

1 on 1 mentoring for Celestial Entrepreneurs​

You crave ultimate freedom and financial independence. You want to  run your business stress-free and live life in abundance. You are a business owner, looking for balance, clarity and guidance. Or you’re looking at turning your passion into a beyond self-sustaining business.

You may be held back to take serious steps towards becoming an entrepreneur by the uncertainty that comes with it. Or maybe you’re exhausted and lost your creativity and passion during the ongoing and ever changing measurements of the past year and a half.


"Doing what you love is

the cornerstone of having

abundance in your life.”

- Wayne Dyer

Either way, you don’t have to do it alone. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have a business mentor. And you too can have a Senior Business Expert mentor you.


What you receive

I will help you (re)discover your unique powers (your dharma or calling) and find the clients that belong to you. I’ll be your sparringpartner, will hold up a mirror for you and can guide you on every aspect of entrepreneurship; from the financial outline to (social media) marketing and from ICT to legal. But also, how do you remain focussed? How do you remain in alignment with your profound sense to make your dreams come true in abundance. 


You deserve a mentor who has earned her spurs; someone who has been through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, someone you can relate to, who inspires you and you can build a personal relationship with.


My entrepreneurial endeavours in a nutshell

My entrepreneurial adventure started almost 20 years ago in New Zealand. I was an independent contractor in the education sector and the world of Graphic & Webdesign.


Back in the Netherlands I founded the first language institute for children. It grew to an organisation with 10 branches, five of which owned by franchisees and a network of over 40 teachers.


When I had plans to break through internationally, I needed growth capital. I enriched my knowledge about investors and with the help of the best business coaches I prepared and pitched for angel investors. Unfortunately I found myself burned-out and had to take the hard decision of selling my ‘baby’ in 2017.


Yoga, entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge, travelling and building communities of likeminded souls, is what makes me happy today. These pillars have ever since become the foundations of my company.


Early April 2021 I sold all my personal belongings, after it became apparent that my yogastudio in Arnhem, the Netherlands, would not survive the crisis. Together with my husband, I moved to Bonaire, a Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, where my entrepreneurial life continues. My most profound dream became truth.

Where to start?

The first step towards your infinite abundance path is to schedule an introductory meeting without obligation. We will discuss your wishes and needs and  you can trust that your business idea will be handled strictly confidential. If we both feel that there is a match, we will start the individual mentorship.


Because I regard both your and my time as valuable, I am transparent about my tarif.


Your investment

Infinite Abundance Mentorship MEMBERSHIP €275/maand of €3250

12 one on one zoom sessions of 90 minutes in one year 

60 pick my brain minutes per month*

Infinite Abundance Mentorship INTENSIVE €1675

8 one on one zoom sessions of 90 minutes in 3 months

30 pick my brain minutes per month*


*) whatsapp your acute issue/idea/problem and I will reply with feedback, spar with you  or listen if you need to vent.

I invite you to schedule a virtual introductory meeting without obligation:

Nice that you are interested. I'll make an appointment with you soon.