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Build your own yoga routine

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Tired, busy, overworked? Yoga is the perfect way to regain peace of mind and strength in your body.

Yoga teaches you how to find a better balance. Physically and mentally of course, but also in your life. You will see that the puzzle pieces fall into place more and more easily over time and you'll notice that you'll feel better in body and mind.

I help you to build your own yoga routine that you can always fall back on.

This is how we do it

At MysoreYOGA you can go for hands-on ashtanga yoga classes on Bonaire or live online via zoom with a lot of personal guidance. Whether you prefer to practice individually or in a small group.


Not sure where to start? Send me a message and we'll see what works best for you.

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Learn to practice the Ashtanga series independently with one-on-one guidance within the group of self-practitioners.

  • 3-6x/week 30-90 minutes self-practice

  • flexible start and end time

  • Mon-Sat 6:30-8:00 EST

  • unlimited practice from $6/day

@ Smiling Buddha Yoga Studio Bonaire

Mysore Yoga
Traditional Ashtanga Yoga
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September 11, 2021

Workshop Yogipreneurship  (ONLINE) via Delight Yoga Amsterdam ​​​ book here

Yoga & Lifestyle

Learn the basics of an independent yoga practice in real life on Bonaire.


  • 6 workshops of 90 minutes

  • free daily practice in studio

  • cheatsheets and practice manual

  • online community for personal questions and connection with fellow students

  • incl. FLXBL yoga mat

Next START August 11th 2021

Fast Track to Self Practice
Ashtanga Yoga Course

The sequel to the Fast Track to Self Practice course. Learn the primary series up to navasana online via zoom.


  • 6 workshops of 90 minutes

  • weekly practice videos

  • cheatsheets and practice manual

  • online community for personal questions and connection with fellow students

Next START September 9th, 2021

Fast Track to Half Primary
Ashtanga Yoga Course 2 (online)

'Since January 2019 I have started my journey under loving guidance. Getting to know myself, my body and everything that goes with it again. Experiencing boundaries, accepting boundaries, growing and seeking new boundaries is what gives Ashtanga every day. Living more consciously in the here and now.

You don't have to be thin to practice Yoga, the journey is just as important as the result. I wish you this experience and Tara as a teacher.


- Karin S (51)